2019, live action/participative video installation. IMPROVING AVATAR (puppet film, 6:42min, sound, voice: Alex Nada). THE INTERVIEWS (30:56min, sound). Shown as part of "Palindromes or The Imaginary Border", Palazzo Ziino, Palermo (Sizily), Italy. (Installation fotos: Lennard Becker, Tina Mamczur)

IMPROVING AVATAR is an improved sequel to James Cameron's "Avatar"; a reflection on cultural imperialism, challenging the power and influence of Hollywood film production. In the video we find the two puppets J+N struggling with life in the puppet world: in seven short episodes they challenge common text-, image- and role clichés of the film world, negotiate the imponderables of their (puppet-)lives and try to comfort each other.

THE INTERVIEWS invites visitors and artists coming from a variety of different countries to retell the story of their personal socialization with the medium of film. Interviews were filmed in December 2019 against the backdrop of the exhibition in Palazzo Ziino. Languages: Italian, English, Cantonese, German, Portuguese, Korean. (Excerpt 6:28min)

Other artists: Emanuela Albiolo, Celeste Asaro, Bernhard Bormann, Martina Campanella, Federica Culotta, Alessandra Donnarumma, Fell, Clara Freund, Veronica García, Fumi Kato, Lara Hampe, Vivian Law Ho Man, Stephanie Joyce, Jonathan McNaughton, Tiziana Napoli, Niloufar Nematollahi, Francesca Raimondo, Fabrizio Scaglione, Annika Stoll, Mario Valenti, Yoonjung Lee, Theresa Zwerschke.