audiences of the world take over - part I

2019, video installation.
"improving avatar" (puppet film, 6:42 min, sound. voice: alex nada). "audiences of the world: the interviews" (30:56 min, sound). shown as part of the international group exhibition "palindromes - or the imaginary border", palazzo ziino, palermo (sizily), italy.
(installation fotos: lennard becker)

in the latest, fan-based sequel of "avatar" j. and n. are struggling with life again, expressing their most important issues, trying to comfort each other. augsburger puppenkiste meets die leiden des jungen werther. a reflection on cultural imperialism, challenging the power and influence of hollywood film production.

"audiences of the world: the interviews" invites visitors and artists coming from a variety of different countries to retell the story of their personal socialization with the medium of film. interviews were filmed on december 18th 2019 against the backdrop of the exhibition in palazzo ziino, palermo, italy. languages: italian, english, cantonese, german, portuguese, korean.
(excerpt, 6:28 min)